Hola everyone

2011-02-16 02:39:15 by LucidSpore

Just wanted to say hello, let everyone know got a couple new and remastered tunes out, ive uploaded one the others are just far too long for Newgrounds hehe, but have a look anyways and yeah you can always check out my Youtube account as well , watch some live video mix's of Songs that you like by me, thanks always for taking the time to come here, peace much love

NamasteDubstep live Mix <3

Hello fellow Newgrounders :P

2010-12-22 15:24:44 by LucidSpore

Hehe i just wanted to say hi to everyone who has been following me on here. Don't care how many of you do or don't As long as you come and listen and share your input =] Much love to all.

So here check my channel out and have a beautiful day.

My channel ( Love )